Wow! I'm Still In California.. :O

Wow! I'm Still In California.. :O

Published on 6/10/2018

So things didn't exactly pan out how we thought they would. Even though, the first half of my trip went exactly how I planned it, the second half, not so much. Some last minute changes in our family events meant that I was going to stay in LA for a lot longer than I expected. Lucky for me, I already had a few things lined up which meant that these changes weren't so bad after all.

I was sad and heart broken for not being able to see my family sooner, but eventually, great things came out of it. I created six brand new pieces of artwork; four commissions for new collectors and a project, one as a housewarming present and one as a reflection piece of my time in LA for myself.

I met super nice people who made me experience LA the real American way, like watching the Dodger's game at the Dodger's stadium. ;) I got to explore the Joshua Tree National Park and surrounding areas such as 29 Palms and Palm Springs. I worked next to some very intelligent artists in Downtown LA who helped to reflect and improve my work. We did crit sessions every now and then which proved to be incredibly helpful.

I went to Getty Villa and hung out in Malibu, learned a new Lyra routine at an Aerial studio in Santa Monica, drove down to La Jolla, San Diego just because I wanted to drive around and made a few people on the road a little mad. Acted as a personal shopper to help someone spend $100 Bloomingdales's gift card, took a dip in the Pacific Ocean on the 4th of July, went to Sunset Boulevard and did LA things, hiked on various trails including Franklin Canyon Park and my favourite of all... laid on the beach in Santa Monica and did nothing!

These are just some of the few things that I can remember from the top of my head. But my point is, even though things didn't go as planned, in the end it turned out way better than I could have possibly imagined. Needless to say, it was one hell of a trip and I enjoyed every place and every person I met. Including my super entertaining and engaging Uber drivers. Such an incredible variety of humble and creative people in one town! I felt so blessed and so at home being there. Frankly, I didn't want to leave but I had to make my way to Chicago to meet my fam, and eventually make my way back to London.

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