Why Abstract Art?

Why Abstract Art?

Published on 2/16/2017

Usually when I start a painting, if there is a subject, e.g. a portrait or a city scene, the initial painting doesn't look anything like an abstract piece of work. If anything, it looks like a traditional piece with dots and very thin lines. As, soon as I get to the painting stage, I mostly go with my instincts and what eventually comes out is an abstract painting of something or someone.

Even when it is an action painting without anyone's face or shoe in it, it usually comes from a subconscious place. To me, that is as real as it gets. I mean, you are not trying to manipulate anything, you are not trying too hard to get it right and the best of all, you are simply following your instincts.

I personally am inclined towards abstract expressionist style of paintings. Some people have asked me in the past that why abstract. The answer to that is that, I don't think that it is something I consciously decided. It's just that abstract art brings out a stronger emotional response out of me. It's like music, certain types of music attracts you more than others. Some find classical pieces utterly boring, others find them ecstatic and live and breathe classical music.

It is a style that speaks to me the most and has the most visual impact. The colours, the textures, the movement everything is so alive, what's there not to like?

From a collector's point of view, you don't have to buy an abstract piece of art because you want to understand it, you buy it because you love it. It's like women ;) .. You may never fully understand what's going on, but you just have to love and take care. Some collectors use abstract art for purely decorative purpose as the colours in the piece may compliment their furniture or other soft furnishing items. It's not always out of emotions, there are a variety of reasons depending on the collector.

The best part about abstract art is that it can be added to any subject, wether it is action painting by itself or has a defined theme such as a landscape, animals, portraiture, still life and so on.

For me, along with action painting, I love to add abstraction to portraits. I have always been obsessed with the human portrait and as I learn more and more about it, I get even more drawn to it. I like to work with acrylics in various shapes and forms but I also love using other mediums and working with unconventional ways of producing art.

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