The Story Behind 'She Is Not Perfect' Abstract Portrait

Published on 2/28/2017

There's a little story behind this one. Some paintings require a lot more work than others. This was one of them. After many hours of going back and forth, I finally felt happy with the end result and decided to stop.

That's when the big tragedy happened. As soon as I finished and was just about to put it away, I bumped into a chair and it ripped. Literally, at the same second when I said, "Ok! This is it. I'm finally happy with it," it fell apart.

It broke my heart a little because like all my other paintings, I love this one too and spent several hours working my heart and soul on it.

But instead of feeling depressed, I thought, "you know what, I'm going to fix it. It may not end up being as perfect as it would have been, but I am still going to fix the rip and be proud of it. Anyone who truly finds love and beauty in this piece will like it regardless of the imperfection."

So, I went ahead, worked on finding a way to heal the painting and I fixed it! To cut the long story short, I believed that I wasn't going to let the damage ruin the value of my painting and that it was going to be just fine. Eventually, it all turned out to be okay. Looking at it now, it looks perfect like it did before. The best part was, that in the process, I learned a new skill ;).

Now, this painting is as good as new and you can barely notice the ripped area unless you microscopically look for it. Either way, I decided to keep it with the other 'perfect' paintings and put it up for sale for the right collector.

The incident with this painting made me reflect on the irony that exists for women in our world. So many women face this pressure every day to look perfect, act perfectly and be a perfect girl ALL the time. Realistically, it is exhausting and frankly impossible! Even though we are all doing the best that we can, we can never be perfect in the eyes of all people. The idea of perfection is man made and just theoretical. It is based on opinion rather than the truth.

So, I suppose in a way this painting will always remind me that the process of life and art alike, is not always a smooth one. Even with a perfect intention, sometimes, things can go a different way but with a strong will and openness, we can overcome any hurdle along the path.

Well, that's the end of the story and I am very grateful to have gone through this experience. I have always believed that it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference. This small incident has made me feel like I have moved one step forward in my art process. You can see the images of the final artwork here. Also, check out the before and after pics below:



On a final note, after some consideration I have finally put this painting up for sale because I feel that it deserves the same attention like all the other paintings. However, if you are interested and would like to purchase it with an offer different to what I have advertised, please feel free to contact me via the contact form. The current website doesn't allow for any bids to be placed on the works but if you feel that the painting is worth something else to you then I will be happy to consider your offer. The same holds true for all my other paintings. I have written a full article on bidding on artwork, in case you would like to know more.

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