It's Time To Shake Things Up A Little

It's Time To Shake Things Up A Little

Published on 3/10/2018

Lately, things have been pretty good in the art world (I mean my art world, not the art industry per se, although I am sure things are great there too). However, I haven't left my studio, and London for longer that 3 days since September last year. Now, that doesn't feel right for my mental or creative health. Therefore, I decided to do something I have never done before. I decided to go away and travel for 6 months starting April this year!!

I have never been the sort of person who would one day, pack things up and just decide to go away for a couple of months. Probably, because I was too comfortable in my routine. Or probably, because I was just not interested and/ or daring. But at this point, it almost feels like this has to happen. There is no other way and nothing else more important. It's time to get out and shake things up a little.

Not sure why, but I picked Los Angeles as my first destination. My brother lives in the Mid-West and we have a family re-union of sorts in mid June. So, I thought I'd go a few weeks earlier and do a mini road trip in the West coast before meeting with the family. The last time I went to Los Angeles was in 2015. We were just a bunch of tourists, who did touristy things in Hollywood for about 2 weeks. This time though, I'd really like to explore the city like a local and get to know it a little better. I am not worried about finding things to do or keeping myself busy because, what better place than California for a Yoga nerd like myself.

More importantly, I am going to do a short course at the Kline academy with Scott Yeskel. Make sure to check out his work. I really admire the mood, drama and abstraction in his paintings. Hence why, I thought it would be great to learn and hang out with the pros and add something new to my own body of work. I am also planning on renting an art studio for a week or two to work on new paintings. It is almost a necessity at this point, especially since I am going to be there for a while.

So, after about four weeks in Los Angeles, I plan on driving up to Sedona. Stay there for about a week or two. From what I've heard, it happens to be a perfect place for art and yoga types like myself. There, I'll probably meet my brother and we'll drive all the way back to Chicago. We'll re-unite with the rest of the family in Chicago and finally drive down to Iowa. So far, I think the plan works pretty well. But we'll find out when we get there.

Now, that's that for my U.S. adventure but this is where things get real. The most important news that is really going to shake things up is happening in the later part of the trip. About a week and a half ago, I received an email from Buinho Art Residency in Portugal. They accepted my application for the Art Residency starting in August this year. How about that!!!

So after my little American adventure, I head back to London for about a week or two, then fly to Portugal. All of this happens at the end of July 2018. I still have to work on the project that I'll be undertaking while at the residency. But, I think I have an idea that I will explore further as I get closer to the date. More to come on that later but for now, I am sort of excited to get out of London this summer. It's a new adventure and I just can't wait to get back on the road.

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