Hey, I'm in California!

Hey, I'm in California!

Published on 4/30/2018

I made it!

I am in Los Angeles, California and boy am I loving it! The sun is out everyday, little cooler than I expected, but I can deal with that. I am staying close to Santa Monica and discovered a local cafe called the Boy and the Bear and it is most likely going to convert me into a coffee person. Their coffee is truly special. I have been coming here almost everyday to get coffee of course but also to sketch. It's relatively quite in the afternoon and has a beautiful, relaxed vibe.

One of the very few 'cafes' where you can actually concentrate on reading, writing or sketching. I don't normally sketch in cafes, or in public spaces unless I really feel the urge to. But, since this post is not about promoting coffee or cafe culture in Los Angeles, I am going to move on to a different subject.

I have only been here for a week but, it surely feels longer. Mainly because of the variety of things I have experienced in just a week. One of the many things I love about Los Angeles and America in general is how engaging people are. I personally find people here to be more open and sociable. The general attitude seems healthier and happier. I think the sun and the ocean definitely have a part to play.

In the past one week I have been to a Wanderlust Yoga festival, connected with some local Yoga people and practiced acro Yoga on the beach, joined a local gymnastics club and been jumping on trampolines and flipping on tumble tracks, made some very cool and nice friends there too, learned to skate board, shopped for some art supplies at Blick Art to prep for my first session at the Kline Academy tonight, took a driving lesson just because I was terrified of driving on the opposite side of the road, some people made fun of me for doing that but I care about my life so, had to be done, made some sketches of the local LA landscape and checked out J. Paul Getty Museum.

The art scene here in LA is very different from London, New York, Paris and Rome. I don't quite know how to explain it yet as I haven't fully explored it myself. But I do feel this city has a nice, relaxed vibe that sets you in the right mood to create something fun and interesting. Whether the art industry here is booming or not, it definitely is a great place to at least create art or work on new ideas.

That's pretty much all for now. I am looking forward to my class tonight, although I feel a little nervous, not sure why. I haven't started driving yet because Uber has turned me into a lazy old brat. But I have to and I will at some point. I am loving Santa Monica! The last time I was here, we only spent two hours during the day and I didn't enjoy it so much back then. I thought it the streets were super busy and the beach was packed! It is still the same but somehow it doesn't overwhelm me anymore.

All in all, it's a great start and I am looking forward to the remainder of my time here.

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