Anatomy Day: Muscles & Bones

Anatomy Day: Muscles & Bones

Published on 12/09/2017

Today I did a few very quick human anatomy sketches based on the skeletal and muscular systems. I find it very interesting and useful to learn about our own body in intricate detail. The shapes and proportions of the muscles and bones helps define the final figure and so it is very important to have some knowledge of how they work and their relationship to each other. This subject is a constant work in progress as there is so much to learn. The human body is one of the most sophisticated forms of art and it is impossible to know everything. But, it's good to understand the basics and let the intuition do the rest of the work. I find that when I paint or draw a piece, all of this knowledge that is sitting somewhere in the subconscious mind, comes out and contributes towards the final outcome.


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