A Positive Start To 2019

A Positive Start To 2019

Published on 2/5/2019

It was only a month ago when I wrote the first post of 2019 and I feel that so much has already happened since then. I'm glad to say that it has been, to say the least, a very productive month. I started off by paying a short visit to sweet old Roma. Rome in the winter period is a very different experience, I have to admit. Nevertheless, it was still as romantic as ever. I believe it's inbred in the Italian way of life. It's in their food, in the language, in the art, music and in the people. So, I am obviously very grateful that I had such a beautiful and romantic start to the year.

As soon as I was back in London, I went to the studio and started prepping for new projects. I had to get in touch with a few people, fix up a few meetings and organise a few photoshoots. Sometimes, I feel grateful for picking the subjects that I do (that mainly involve people) because even though the actual act of making art involves long periods of solitude, the process leading up to it is actually quite interactive and fun. The conversations and stories that take place before and after really help in getting to know these people that I paint and in the process we bring something new to each other.

After the photoshoots came some filming stuff. Some guys at MTN films got in touch to hire the studio for two weekends as they were working on a short film that involved an art studio. I believe the movie is still under production so I won't have more details until later this year. But it was fun to see some of my artwork in the shots. My paintings and sketches are better actors than I will ever be.

Another exciting thing that happened earlier in January was our visit to Tate Modern. We were sort of late in getting there and didn't have a lot of time so we ended up checking out only two main exhibitions, one of which I HIGHLY recommend. It's called MAGIC REALISM: ART IN WEIMAR GERMANY 1919-33 and it is on until 14th of July 2019. There are some fascinating artworks on display by artists of that time including Richard Müller, Joseph Mangold, Nicolai Wassilieff and Rudolf Dischinger. Some of my favourite paintings are by Albert Birkle such as the Hermit and Crucifixtion painted back in 1921. So, if you are in London, make sure to go and check it out. 

Last, but not the least was the Spear Charity Art Fair at the London Rowing Club in Putney on the 27th of January 2019 to help raise money for the homeless in London. I donated one of my artworks and attended the event to help and support the generous cause. It was wonderful to witness the work that they are doing in helping and supporting those in need. They received incredible response from all over London and I would encourage you to go to their website: http://spearlondon.org/ and make a donation as every little is going help change someone's life for the better.

So that's all from me on this post, at least from what I can recall. It was a cold, wet and snowy month but we made it and we made the best of it. I am excited for February and for the rest of the year. So until the next post, stay warm (if you're experiencing the arctic chill from the polar vortex) and stay connected.

Much Love,


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