Kokil is a London based figurative artist who started training at a young age. She grew up in India and spent early years of her childhood at a boarding school in Dehra Doon. Her time and experience there shaped and enhanced her creative practice. She participated in various art forms for a number of years, some included classical music, folk dance, gymnastics, creative writing, school plays, stage performances and of course fine art.

Her initial fine art training was mainly focused on portraiture. After a few years of dedicated practice, she decided to take things further and learn about perspectives and interiors. Therefore, she enrolled to study Architectural Technology at the University of Westminster, London in 2005. After graduating in 2008, she worked on various Architectural projects in Education, Retail and Housing sector all over the U.K. whilst continuing to fulfill other creative pursuits on the side.

In 2013 that she decided to put everything aside and focus on further developing her art practice. She uses drawings and paintings as a means to explore complexity, sophistication and poetry of the human form. Figurative art is one of her favourite subjects and a medium for exploring new stories, cultures and people.

She currently lives and works in London for most part of the year but enjoys traveling around the world, working and studying alongside other talented artists, whilst learning and exploring new ideas and techniques.


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